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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland

An electrical switchboard is the central electricity controller for your building – whether that be a commercial building, a storage warehouse, a retail shopping complex, or an Auckland home.

Switchboards protect your appliances and electrical wiring against overheating and damage. In turn, they protect your employees and family from electric shocks and fire risks. An electrical switchboard may not seem exciting, but neglecting your old switchboard could lead to the wrong types of excitement – and avoidable expenses. A switchboard may “look ok” to the untrained eye, but if it’s old it may have components that have aged and worn out, which can affect your electrical safety. For example, re-wireable fuses on an old switchboard may or may not blow under certain fault conditions – which can cause real issues for any Auckland property owner.

If your electrical switchboard is old or has not been maintained regularly, you may have to deal with a compounding list of issues. Over the years New Zealand electrical switchboard regulations have changed with technology improvements. If your old switchboard does not comply to current New Zealand electrical regulations and standards, this could affect your Auckland commercial, business, or household insurance cover.

Switchboard replacements provide you with the opportunity to install the latest available and safest electrical technology, replace asbestos boards with safer materials, and update the cosmetic look and / or physical placement of your switchboard. Functionality is a key consideration too, and the Legacy Electrical team will work with you when designing your new or replacement switchboard to ensure that functionality, form, and budgets are considered for your solution.

Legacy Electrical’s highly experienced electricians specialise in Auckland switchboard upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations. With years of experience, Alex and his team will ensure that your switchboard is electrically safe, and that the switchboard protects you from electrical hazards. For your peace of mind, we will ensure that your new or replacement switchboard is fully compliant with New Zealand Standard 3000 (NZS3000), and The Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010.

So why install a new electrical switchboard? They’re safer and offer better protection than the old switchboards many Auckland buildings have. Old switchboards primarily rely on circuit protection from rewireable fuses of different ratings. Modern switchboards offer two lines of defence. A residual current device (or RCD) picks up any leakage of current to earth above 30 MilliAmps (30mA). This offers much better protection than fuses alone, and can prevent nasty issues. Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) now replace rewireable fuses, and will break a circuit when any problematic power surges are encountered. Fuses only have a KA rating of 1KA (1000 Amps) but MCB have a KA rating of 6KA (6000 Amps) – that’s 600% better protection. The KA rating confirms the maximum amount of current the fuse or MCB can handle before it meltsdown.

It’s easy to work out if you need a switchboard replacement or upgrade. If you hear buzzing or sizzling noises from appliances or switches, or if you’re getting shocks, of if any of your power outlets are getting hot or discoloured, call Legacy Electrical ASAP! If your switchboard shows black sheathed wiring (1950’s – 1960’s wiring), wiring cable inside steel conduit, or if you have fuses regularly blowing on the switchboard, you may be sitting on a “time bomb” of issues and should also call Legacy Electrical ASAP! A new switchboard will typical look better, and be easier to maintain. You’ll have no more fuses blowing or circuits constantly tripping, giving you peace of mind that you electrical installations and appliances are safe to use.

It generally takes about one day to replace a switchboard. Once the new or replacement switchboard has been installed, it will be fully tested using our specialist electrical testing equipment. Our Auckland switchboard tests include an insulation resistance test (testing the insulation which insultates all cables); an earth fault loop impedance test; and an earth continuity test. We will also test the installed circuit breakers and Residual Current Devices used on your switchboard. There are various approach choices available when implementing your switchboard, so talk to Legacy Electrical about AFDD-RCBO, Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD), and Main Earth & Multiple Earthed Neutral (MEN) system and component options.

Legacy Electrical are registered New Zealand Electrical Inspectors, and Registered Master Electricians – we can issue a Certificate of Compliance, and a Record of Inspection. Email alex@legacyelectrical.co.nz or contact Alex on 022 108 1177 NOW, to discuss the electrical your Electrical Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland needs.

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