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In any business, time is money, and when machinery fails, every minute of downtime can result in significant losses. That is why it’s critical to have a reliable and qualified electrician on speed dial. In the case of a food manufacturing business in West Auckland, Alex Gallagher of Legacy Electrical was called in to do urgent electrical repairs on their primary pump machinery that moves soy-bean products through the Tofu production machinery.

It’s very important to have a New Zealand registered electrician undertaking electrical repairs for commercial operations. Alex and his team of electricians covering North Shore, East Tamaki, West Auckland, and other greater Auckland locations are highly trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of electrical systems and safety protocols. They know how to handle electricity safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of injury or property damage.  This is especially important in industrial manufacturing settings like this Tofu factory, where things can go seriously wrong if not completed correctly to the right levels of electrical compliance. 

Food manufacturing facilities have unique electrical requirements and safety considerations. For instance, food-grade facilities require specific wiring and electrical systems that can withstand harsh cleaning agents and extreme temperatures. These systems must also meet strict hygiene and safety regulations to ensure that the final product is safe for consumption.

Alex’s prompt response was crucial in minimizing downtime for the West Auckland Tofu manufacturer. He was on site within 30 minutes, ready to assess the situation and provide a quick and efficient solution. The repairs required wiring a new pump and a new variable speed drive (VSD) for the food (Tofu) production equipment, both of which required specialized electrical skills to complete. Alex’s prompt response to the call minimized downtime for the manufacturer, saving them valuable time and money. Had they hired an unqualified or inexperienced electrician, the repairs could have taken longer, resulting in further losses for the business.

Alex and Legacy Electrical are licensed and registered with relevant authorities such as the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) in New Zealand. This registration ensures that their electricians are up to date with the latest safety standards, regulations, and best practices, and can be held accountable for their work.  It’s always best to hire a qualified and registered electrician for any electrical work, no matter how small or big the job. This ensures that the work is carried out safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to property.

In conclusion, the prompt response of Alex Gallagher of Legacy Electrical and his specialised skills in the food manufacturing industry were crucial in minimizing downtime for the food manufacturing business. As a qualified and registered electrician, Alex was able to carry out the repairs safely, effectively, and in compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations.

If you require the services of a reliable and qualified electrician, don’t hesitate to contact Alex Gallagher at Legacy Electrical. You can reach him by phone at 022 108 1177 or send an email to alex@legacyelectrical.co.nz. Remember, when it comes to electrical work, safety always comes first.

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