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Spray Painting Booths and Paint Mixing Room Inspections

Paint mixing rooms and spray booths are essential to the safe and effective application of spray paint to cars, joinery and more. There are many hazards created by the combination of heat, electricity and flammable chemicals and spray booths and paint mixing rooms are critical to mitigating these risks. There are many factors that go into making sure a spray booth or paint mixing room is safe, compliant and functional. On top of this, the regulations that specify the requirements are complex to navigate as it’s a collection of disparate sections from a wide selection of standards.

Having your Spray Booth or Paint Mixing Room Inspected by an electrical inspector who is experienced and knowledgeable in this area is important because it ensures the booth will be safe, functional and compliant.

Not all booth installation companies are created equal. Some companies may cut corners or neglect aspects of the safety standards, rendering the booth non-compliant, unsafe and voiding your insurance. A good inspector will catch any shortcomings before a fire or work safe clamp down creates problems for the owner.

The legal responsibility for the installation rests with the owner of the building. The tenant who owns the booth is certainly expected to take responsibility, but Worksafe and insurance companies will place responsibility on the owner of the building, so if you have a tenant that operates a spray booth or paint mixing room, or does activities which require them to have such but is not complying, then you could end up with problems. An electrical inspector who knows this area can ensure you and your tenant are meeting their obligations for insurance purposes and reducing fire risks, and keeping workers safe from toxic fumes.

Who Uses Them
Businesses that might have or need Spray booths and Paint mixings rooms include Panel Beaters, car painters, cabinet makers, shop fitters, boat and marine production and repairs and more.

How They Work
Commercial Spray Painting Booths are large, enclosed, well-ventilated workspaces designed to provide a controlled environment for applying paint, varnish, or other coatings to various surfaces. These booths help to minimize overspray, and maintain air quality by employing advanced filtration systems / exhaust fans and filters. They also use diesel, gas or electricity to generate heat as a way of drying the paint faster. A constant air flow is critical to ensuring this heat doesn’t cause fire. Various safety mechanisms ensure that if the air flow stops for some reason, the heating system will shut down. They also need to be built out of fire resistant materials and there are various rules for the ducting and ventilation to ensure adequate clean air intake and suitable disposal of the exhaust air.

Paint Mixing Rooms are required for storing and mixing paint. If the premises keeps more than a specified amount of  flammable materials on site then they are required to be stored in a paint mixing room. Paint Mixing Rooms are dedicated spaces for safely storing, mixing, and preparing paint and other coating materials before application. These rooms are designed to minimize the risk of spills, contamination, fire and exposure to hazardous chemicals. By adhering to AS/NZS 4114 standards, Paint Mixing Rooms in New Zealand ensure compliance with safety regulations, including proper ventilation, fire-resistant construction, and adequate lighting. They use ventilation to prevent the build up of an explosive atmosphere from evaporated paint products or other chemicals.

Paint mixing rooms are allowed to have regular power in them, provided it is interlocked with the ventilation system so it’s powered up only when the ventilation is running and only after a purge cycle. Often electricians go to these sites and add things later which are not set up with these interlocks. We often find this issue when going to do a periodic inspection.

Different kinds for different uses
Not everyone who uses spray paint on a commercial basis needs a spray booth. If the time spent painting is small enough then all that is needed is a designated area  with no possible ignition sources within a 6m horizontal radius extending 2 meter high. This is called a Designated Spray Painting Area. They are open workspaces reserved for spray painting tasks that require a more flexible setup than enclosed booths. These areas can accommodate large or irregularly shaped items, such as heavy machinery, large vehicles, or intricate furniture pieces. Equipped with adequate ventilation, protective barriers, and appropriate lighting, Designated Spray Painting Areas in New Zealand comply with AS/NZS 4114, among other standards, to provide a safe and efficient working environment for spray painting professionals.

Choosing the right New Zealand electrical inspector is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your Auckland Spray Painting Booths, Designated Spray Painting Areas, and Paint Mixing Rooms. Alex Gallagher, of Legacy Electrical, is the perfect candidate for inspecting and rectifying any electrical issues in the Auckland region. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, and industry relationships Alex Gallagher is your go-to professional.

Alex can carry out inspections and rectifications of your electrical issues due to his extensive experience and qualifications. As a Registered New Zealand Electrician, Alex has successfully completed rigorous training and met the stringent requirements set by the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). In addition, Alex is also a qualified Electrical Inspector with experience working with and inspecting hazardous areas, ensuring his expertise aligns with the highest applicable industry standards – including the Electricity (Safety) Regulations, AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 4114, and AS/NZS 60079.17.

Alex has worked on numerous electrical projects, from simple Auckland residential installations to complex industrial systems. Alex has worked as a West Auckland electrician, an East Tamaki electrician, a North Shore electrician, and elsewhere. This diverse experience allows Alex to quickly identify and rectify any electrical issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Alex is especially well-equipped to address any electrical issues that may arise in your Auckland Spray Painting Booths, Designated Spray Painting Areas, and Paint Mixing Rooms. His commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry practices ensures that his work adheres to the most current safety and efficiency standards.

As a proud Auckland community member, Alex Gallagher has built a solid reputation for his exceptional workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. His clients in the region can attest to his professionalism, dedication, and reliability. You can rest assured that, with Alex Gallagher of Legacy Electrical, your Spray Painting Booths, Designated Spray Painting Areas, and Paint Mixing Rooms are in safe and capable hands.

Trust Alex Gallagher and Legacy Electrical to deliver top-notch electrical services and support your business’s success. Contact Alex at Legacy Electrical on +64221081177 or on email at alex@legacyelectrical.co.nz.

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