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Many factors contribute to the presence of moisture in a home, such as cooking, showering, and even breathing. Not only do these activities produce moisture but they also produce organic oils, all of which lead to unhealthy air and ripe conditions for mould growth. One proven way to mitigate this is to bring fresh air into the house with a positive-pressure ventilation system. Opening windows is great, but it only does so much and only works when you do it. A ventilation system is superior to windows alone because it moves small amounts of air constantly which as an impactful cumulative effect. The smarts make it work harder when the ceiling space temperature permits.

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Why Choose Us

⭐ Smarts | Sensors and smarts ensure the fan runs
⭐ Quiet | Our systems are quiet due to a highly efficient fan running at suitable speeds, and the use of acoustic ducting
⭐ Efficiency | Our EC fans are controlled using pulsating DC meaning no electricity is wasted. Some competitors advertise the use of EC fans, but they control them with a voltage divider meaning power is wasted.
⭐ Price | Due to our product being easy to install and produced in a cost-effective way with no middlemen, we are able to deliver top value and quality at a more affordable price

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