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LED Lighting and Upgrades

Legacy Electrical are strong advocates for LED Lighting in your Auckland facility. There are many advantages for all commercial businesses using LED lighting.  Firstly, LED lights are very energy efficient, and they will reduce your overall power costs whilst helping your organisation to balance your energy consumption and “go green”.

The savings with LEDs are significant. When you replace your existing lighting with LED equivalents, you could see up to an 85% reduction in your lighting electricity usage. There’s an initial cost to design and install any LED lighting solutions (whether than includes LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED fluorescent bulb replacements, LED Signage, or other LED lighting types), but you should expect to see significant electricity cost savings over a period of time, that more than pay for this initial investment. It’s a very worthwhile investment to upgrade or retro fit a current system with LED lighting.

‍Reduced energy consumption also leads to reduced lighting maintenance costs. Legacy Electrical recommends and installs LED bulbs that have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That means your bulbs should last for almost 10 years, in typical sitations, subject to your location variables.

Because LED lighting can run cooler than standard lighting filaments, you can often also reduce your air conditioning and cooling costs, especially in commercial businesses, industrial factories, and retail stores. Commercial lighting generates a lot of heat, so reducing this heat means you can reduce your air conditioning cooling costs too.

These energy savings overall can really impact on the profitability of your business. And whilst saving money for your Auckland business is great, installing LED lighting also reduces the carbon footprint of your business in a measurable way.

Legacy Electrical are lighting design specialists, and we will consider a range of items when creating a tailor-made LED lighting solution for you. For example, we’ll look at costs vs breakeven points for your business; whether new LED fittings will fit into existing fitting holes (or whether they’ll need to be separately mounted); length of tenancy in your building vs the various LED and cost options; quality of LED products fitted; warranty on the LED products. Because we service the entire Auckland region, your Auckland business can benefit from our extensive electrical services experience, with our focus on safety and reliability.

Email alex@legacyelectrical.co.nz or contact Alex on 022 108 1177, to discuss the electrical needs of your Auckland commercial business. We’re dependable, dedicated, and professional electricians, servicing businesses from Helensville to the Bombay Hills, and everywhere in between.

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